Lake Summerside

SSRA Maintenance update

Published Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hello Summerside,


With the City of Edmonton reducing the frequency of park and grass maintenance this year, we wanted to remind residents of the SSRA’s maintenance schedule. Areas owned by the SSRA will continue to be maintained on our regular schedule and grass maintenance occurs on a 7 day cycle (weather permitting). For details on what areas are maintained by the SSRA, please reference the following map {map}.  SSRA maintained areas are colored in blue. All other areas are maintained by the City of Edmonton. A reminder that residents are responsible to care for the boulevard and alley adjacent to their property line,


For any questions or concerns about SSRA maintained areas, please contact our office at 780-497-7558.


For any questions or concerns about other areas, please contact the City of Edmonton by calling 311.