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We hope all of you are staying safe with your families! Please note City of Edmonton has closed all playgrounds due to Covid-19 concerns.  That being said, it’s beginning to warm up so many of you may start to get outdoors and use some of our walkways and paths. While doing so please remember to be respectful of your neighbors and practice social distancing, ensuring you are at least 6 feet away from others.

Coronavirus update for SSRA residents



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Office Hours-Closed until further notice


Park Hours-Closed until further notice


Park Amenities

Skating - Pleasure rink (jellybean)- Closed

Land based hockey rink - Closed

Lake pleasure rink -Closed

Lake Hockey rink - Closed

Skills area - Closed

Ice Fishing - Closed

Entry park - Closed

Skating Loop - Closed


1720 88th Street S.W.
Edmonton, Alberta, T6X 1J7, Canada



 Beach Gate House

(Lake patrols, tennis court reservations, ice conditions, etc)

 780 756 6772 

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