Lake Summerside

Park Update - Seasonal hours

Published Monday, March 18, 2019


Hello Summerside

Because of the warm temperatures all of our skating surfaces, including the lake areas, are closed.

We hope that you enjoyed the skating season this year.

The lake is officially closed to foot traffic and fishing.

The closure of skating also marks a temporary decrease in our park hours. They will increase again in our busy summer season.

As of Friday March 22nd, park hours will be:

10am-8pm on weekdays

9am- 8pm on weekends










Ice Safety
No matter how thick you think the ice is,
there can be weak areas that can give way at any moment,
sending you through the ice. 




Factors that Affect Ice Thickness

  • Sudden drops in temperature weaken ice
  • Slushy snow or water on top of ice may hide cracks in it
  • Snow cover over ice may warm the ice up sufficiently to weaken it - even on a cold day
  • Wildlife may contribute to weakening of ice
  • Any objects (logs, rocks) sticking out from the ice weaken it
  • Warm weather, especially springtime, makes ice unpredictable as the ice thaws