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Hall Rental refund and Cancellation Policy


 Policies and Procedures:

- The facility may be rented for private functions only. Rental for public events is not permitted. The facility may be used for activities that are not advertised, no fees charged, and there is no intention to market or sell products or services. 
- Residents may book the facility up to one year (365 days) in advance and the booking resident MUST be in attendance at all times during the rental. 
- All rental charges must be paid in full at the time of booking. 
- Customer booking the hall must be 25 years of age or older. 
- There will be a $50.00 plus GST charge on all NSF cheques. 
- Block bookings are not permitted, unless authorized by management. 
- Minimum three (3) hour rental is required.
- Your group is restricted to the portion of the Beach Club that has been rented and is not permitted to use any of the other amenities. Access to the park/lake is not permitted. 
- Cooking is not permitted on the premises; however, the following kitchen appliances may be used for warming/cooling of food: Fridge, Microwave and Oven. Use of Stove top is not permitted 
- This is a NON-SMOKING park/facility. 

Beach Club Staff:

- There will be a flat rate staffing charge of $150 after 9 PM (Mandatory). Beach Club Hall rental hours are restricted to 12:00 AM, and the premises must be completely vacated at that time. Rentals past 12 AM may be requested at the time of booking and must be approved by Management.
Failure to leave at the time specified will result in a charge of $50.00 per 15 minutes. 

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy:

- All refunds due to cancellation & rescheduling will incur a $15 administration charge after the first week from the day the rental was paid.

-Any cancellation more than 3 months prior to the rental date will incur the $15 admin fee and refund of 75% of the rental rate.

-Any cancellation between 1- 3 months prior to rental date will incur the $15 admin fee and refund of 50% of the rental rate.

-NO REFUNDS will be issued if a rental is cancelled less than 1 month prior to the rental date.

Security Deposit and Assessment:

- A security deposit in the amount of a $500.00 cheque, is required within 7 days of booking payment date.
- Summerside Beach Club staff will perform an inspection prior to and following the rental for cleanliness and damages.

If there is no damage, the damage deposit cheque will be shredded within the next business day. 
- There will be a charge of $80.00 per damaged chair and $200.00 per damaged table. 
- The use of confetti or similar decoration is strictly prohibited. A $100.00 charge will apply if this rule is not adhered to. 
- Balloons that get tangled in the ceiling fans will result in a $100.00 charge. 
- All Additional Charges will be charged to the Resident Account. 

Permits, Liquor & Insurance:

- You are responsible for any permits (i.e. liquor) required. 
- A liquor license must be posted inside the kitchen. 
- All liquor regulations will be enforced. You should familiarize yourself with the liquor rules and regulations as outlined on the liquor license and must adhere to those guidelines at all times. 
- There is absolutely no liquor permitted on the balcony, in the park, or in the parking lot. 

- All renters should consider purchasing Host Liability Insurance for their event as they will not be covered by the Summerside Residents Association insurance, so they would be liable for any incidents that may occur during their event.
- If you are having alcohol at your event, it is strongly recommended you have Host Liquor Liability/Party Alcohol Liability (or equivalent) Insurance. 

Set Up & Clean Up:

- The indicated number of tables and chairs will be set out for you. Renter is responsible for all set up of rented items. 

-Cooking is not permitted on the premises; however, it may be used for storing, heating or serving hot food.
- Clean-up must be completed by the end of your rental time. 
- You are responsible for the set up and clean-up of the room. 
- At the end of the function all tables and chairs must be left clean, all litter must be picked up and put in garbage bags and placed in the outside garbage bin (located in parking lot). All decorations must be taken down. Table and Chairs must be put away clean. 
- All personal belongings and rented equipment must be taken from the building at the end of the rental time. 
- If the hall is left damaged or dirty for reasons beyond reasonable wear and tear an extra charge will be taken out of the damage deposit.

For example, if chairs, tables, or walls need cleaning; if there is wax on tables, chairs, or floors or if the kitchen needs cleaning, clogged toilets, etc. 

Noise and Music Policies:

-There will automatically be a charge for playing music ($9.25 plus GST) and/or dancing ($18.51 plus GST) to cover the government fee for playing copyrighted music.


-If using music, please ensure that all doors and windows are closed after 10 PM and that the music is turned down (as per City of Edmonton Noise Bylaw #7255)


- It is your responsibility to maintain order and to be responsible for the Summerside Residents Association property during the rental time.
- Failure to leave at the time specified on your rental agreement will result in a charge of $50 per 15 minutes. 
- If the Beach Club Staff Member notices any problems or has any issues they will go to the contact (renter) person of the event to rectify the situation.

That is why the person who is renting the facility must be on site at all times.

If this fails to rectify the problem and it is warranted, staff have been instructed to call the Police. 


- Only masking tape or painters tape is to be used for decorating. NO SCOTCH TAPE. 
- Hammering of nails, STAPLES or use of thumb tacks is strictly prohibited. 
- NO OPEN FLAME CANDLES ALLOWED (only tea lights in a secure holder). 

Management reserves the right to refuse any functions not suitable for the facility. Management has the right to cancel this rental agreement if it is found that the hall is to be used for any purpose other than that which it was originally agreed to; or if you have, in any way, misrepresented yourself to the Summerside Residents Association staff in order to obtain the hall. 
Management also reserves the right to change this contract and pricing without notice.