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Get to know the Lake Summerside Program Instructors

  • Lake Summerside - Pilates


    Mat Pilates – Flavia

     Understanding the effects of any exercise on my body is the key to unlocking its full range of benefits. Since I started, in 2002, my first certificate of Pilates, I knew that was the perfect workout for me. I became an enthusiastic fan of the method,the one you can control every single muscle in your body in an effective way of moving (contracting and stretching) building up a perfect postured figure, toning and flexibility that culminate to a total body wellness. So, I embraced Pilates not only to get fit and strong, but also as an invigorating way of living.

     Pilates offers endless possibilities and exercises based on six principles: control,breath, flow of movement, centering, precision and stability. There are thousands of exercises and infinite variations are available, making it easy to align the program to everyone’s needs. The exercises are grouped into three sections:beginner, intermediate and advanced, each one targeting certain areas of your body, so that you can test your skills as you progress. Classes are really dynamic and differ from each other. Also, some fitness articles can be introduced to improve the postures using elastic bands, small balls, fitness circles, toning balls,etc.

     I adopted Pilates as my favorite workout, discovering the exciting parallels and connections between the exercises and my muscles, finding my way to fitter, more flexible body. Besides, when you introduce Pilates in your routine of workout, and its principles, you are connecting your body and mind, which promotes you into a deeply knowledge of your body and emotions managing well situations of stress in your daily life or just to find a relaxing night of sleep easily.

  • Lake Summerside - Karate


    Karate- Ion

    Karate instructor with over 25 years of karate experience (instructor: over 10 years), founder of "Friendly Eagle Kyokushin Karate School”

    Second degree black belt, getting ready for third degree.

    My goal is to spread the spirit, history, culture, and techniques of karate and to educate students in the traditional methods and practical applications inherent in the Kyokushin style, ultimately training their hearts and bodies to become equally strong fighters and peaceful individuals.

    Everyone has the potential to learn and practice karate. However, students may not be accepted to join the program if they have special medical conditions incompatible with intense workout, therefore it is essential to indicate those when applicable. Otherwise, although we have fun from time to time, the training is pretty rigorous and strict, starting with the most basic techniques and gradually evolving towards learning the advanced ones while strengthening the mind and body.

    "Self-defense in a friendly atmosphere"

  • Lake Summerside - Body Sculpt Core

    Body Sculpt Core

    Body Sculpt Core – Sarah

     Sarah is a fitness professional with a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Alberta. She’s spent her seven-year career coaching and motivating women to build stronger, fitter bodies and minds. Coaching is her means to positively affect people’s lives and show them that they can do anything they want, as long as they’re willing to work for it. She believes maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle should be a priority for everyone at all ages. When she isn’t in the gym, you can find her spending time with her family, baking or cooking up a storm, or enjoying her guilty pleasure – reality tv.

  • Lake Summerside - Fitbody Bootcamp

    Fitbody Bootcamp

    Fitbody Bootcamp –Sarah

     Sarah has enjoyed participating in sports and exercise since early childhood.  She decided to pursue a career as a personal fitness trainer and attained a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Alberta, with a major of Active Living Health and Well Being. She also has her TRX and AFLCA certifications in group fitness.  She has trained herself in many different sports and races over the years including soccer, a marathon, triathlons, Tough Mudder and Spartan Races.  She desires to share her passion for an active and healthy lifestyle by teaching and motivating others in achieving their fitness goals. Sarah is a huge Oilers fan and has been since she was a little girl, you will find her on her couch watching every game, and probably eating candy!

  • Lake Summerside - Yoga Flow & Restore

    Yoga Flow & Restore

    Yoga Flow & Restore-Simona

     My name is Simona and I’m an RYT 200. I currently work as a full-time Analyst in Investment Fund Management, and outside of work you can find me at a Studio, preparing delicious smoothies, or trying YEG’s newest ways to work out.

     My first yoga class was a Hot Flow and I loved it! I was instantly addicted to this challenging workout which tested balance, concentration, focus, and further, created space where I was once stuck. I started practicing yoga daily, not realizing till much later there was something more that was drawing me to my mat. Yoga became my safe space, my time to decompress and quiet my mind in this busy “go-go-go” world.

     I hope I am able to share that Yoga is accessible to everyone! It is more than what the pose looks like, and the benefits are achieved both on and off your mat when you prioritize time for you - time for self-care, movement, and mindfulness - each and every day. 

  • Lake Summerside - Puddle of Mud

    Puddle of Mud

    Puddle of Mud Productions – Truus

     Puddle of Mud Productions is an arts organization that caters to movers, shakers and thespians of all ages and specializes in programs to get children active and moving. Consisting of over 25 arts educators with skills in dance, drama, voice, yoga, film, music and many other areas, Puddle of Mud Productions has catered to thousands of students since its inception in 2007. At Puddle of Mud we pride ourselves on the unique focus we put on the creative side of learning, and use that as a catalyst for skills in any discipline. 

     Truus Verkley is the artistic director of Puddle of Mud Productions and has been teaching students of all ages for more than 17 years. Truus has created and implemented arts education programs in schools (K-12), daycares, community centres and community programs in both Calgary and Edmonton and often works as an artist in residence with students. Creativity is very important to her and the programs she creates, and this what she builds the foundation of Puddle of Mud's 'fun-first' programs on.

     Miss Truus has also performed in many productions all over Canada and abroad with shows such as Planet of the Senses (Bahrain, UAE), Shopping (Dubai, UAE), and Frantic Follies (Whitehorse, YK) to name a few. She was the Programming Director for many years with Bach, Tots Performing Arts, where she helped create children's shows that toured all over Canada, ran a summer theatre in Fort Steele, BC for 7 years and has spent many seasons dancing with the Edmonton based company Vinok Worldance. She has created and directed 6 original children's shows through Puddle of Mud Productions, as well as their constantly changing Triple Fun Show (a choose your own adventure show available in any theme) and directed/choreographed large scale musicals at the professional level such as Wizard of Oz. (presented by Kimberley Summer Theatre) 

     Truus believes that students of all ages benefit from exposure to the arts, and hopes to continue to share her love and passion with all Puddle of Mud students and instructors. 

  • Lake Summerside - Sportball


    Sportball- Luke

    I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Degree in Business and played football for 5 years on a full scholarship. I brought Sportball to Edmonton in 2008 and have loved it from the start. I am also one of the owners of Active Kids Academy Preschool and the Producer of SCA’s musical theatre program. I have been happily married to my beautiful wife Stacey since 2005. I also have 3 amazing kids.


    I was recruited to play 3 sports a the college level. I ended up choosing football and played for the U of A for 5 years on a full scholarship.  I have coached Sportball and ran the company since 2008. I have worked for NBC Basketball camps for 20 years and have been directing camps in Edmonton since 2009. I was also a Hip Hop and Bollywood dance instructor. 


    I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Business Commerce degree. I am a have reached the Master Level of Sportball coaching. I was also a Master Teacher for NBC Basketball Camps. 


    I teach children the fundamentals of sports in a way that is both fun and educational. The goal is for them to have an excellent first experience with sport, gain self confidence in their skills and to spark a love for physical activity 


    My mission is to have every child who I lead feel loved and encouraged. I want them to be confident in who they are and be excited to attack life with an adventurous outlook. I do this by delivering excellent educational instruction that builds their confidence and by giving them constant encouragement. 


    First and foremost I love being married to my wife Stacey and we have 3 incredible children. While playing football at the U of A I also performed as a Bollywood Dancer. I even gave lessons to my teammates from time to time. I love a good book and or movie and have recently joined a company named JR storytellers. I am also a huge fan of musical theatre and I am currently leading the SCA’s Musical Theatre program. My favourite sport to play is squash.