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  • Lake Summerside - Karate


    Ion has been has over 20 years of experience in Karate (Kyokushin Karate) and has been teaching it since 2009 around Edmonton. He is the founder of "Friendly Eagle" school His goal is to spread the spirit, history, culture and techniques of karate and to educate students in the traditional methods and practical applications inherent in the Kyokushin style, ultimately training their hearts and bodies to become equally strong fighters and peaceful individuals.

  • Lake Summerside - Puddle of Mud

    Puddle of Mud

    Puddle of Mud Productions is an arts organization that specializes in programs for youth. Consisting of over 25 arts educators with skills in dance, drama, voice, yoga, film, drumming, baton and many other areas, Puddle of Mud Productions has catered to over 5000 students during its 5 years of operation. Puddle of Mud Productions prides themselves on the unique focus on the creative side of learning, and using that as the catalyst for learning skills in any discipline.

  • Lake Summerside - Luke Lavorato Sport Ball

    Luke Lavorato Sport Ball

    Sportball Multi-Sport programs introduce children to the fundamental concepts and skills behind eight popular ball sports. Sportball coaches deliver skills-driven, high energy and fun-filled classes while reinforcing the benefits of teamwork rather than the importance of winning, allowing children to develop socially and physically through a curriculum that helps to develop confidence free from the pressure of competition.

    About Luke Lavorato

    I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Degree in Business and playing football for 5 years on a full scholarship. I brought Sportball to Edmonton 3 years ago and have loved it from the start. I am also a Bollywood Dance teacher and used to Dance for Sitare Studios. I have been happily married to my beautiful wife Stacey for 6 years. I also have 3 amazing kids.