Lake Summerside

Lake Ice Update

Published Friday, January 18, 2019

 January 18, 2019

*Ice Update*

Hey Residents of Summerside!

With this nice cold stretch of weather we have been blessed with, our heavier equipment has started to clear an area specifically for hockey.

The rink will be bigger than the current one we have on the Lake. It is not quite ready yet, as we still need to flatten it out as much as we can for hockey use.

The smaller surface that is on the Lake will be turned into a leisurely skating area only. Stay tuned for further updates!

-Parks Manager

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 As of January 11, 2019


Over the last couple of days, the maintenance team and myself worked on clearing a section of the Lake off for Hockey. After using our smallest piece of equipment to help clear off a section of the Lake, we uncovered an area of standing water and came across ice that was not frozen evenly. Ice measurements showed 14 inches of depth, but when we used the blade to remove the snow, we cracked through a few air pockets. Luckily we were able to uncover another area of the Lake that had better uniformity of frozen ice.

Because the Lake is still not thick enough for our Zamboni and bigger equipment, we have hand flooded that small section of the Lake and will continue to hand flood it every morning. Tomorrow, January 12th at 5pm, we will open up the Lake for a one time pleasure skate. Starting Sunday January 13th, we are restricting hockey play on the Lake from 5pm to closing daily.. Leisurely skating will still be on the pad around the firepit. Thank you for your understanding. If you still have concerns or questions, feel free to call the office at 780-497-7558 or reply here. I will do my best to get back to you!

Ice Information


  • Ice thickness can not be taken for granted when measured. EXAMPLE. one spot measures 10 inches, it does not mean that 15 feet away it is also 10 inches.
  • Water does not freeze evenly, that is why we take different measurements at different points in the lake to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • Blue ice is the best ice to walk, work or skate on. It is the thickest and densest ice possible. This means no air or water pockets have formed in the ice.
  • White ice is a lot lighter than blue ice because of higher water to air ratio in the ice.
  • Marbled ice is a mix of white and blue ice (medium grade ice)
Ice Safety
No matter how thick you think the ice is,
there can be weak areas that can give way at any moment,
sending you through the ice. 




Factors that Affect Ice Thickness

  • Sudden drops in temperature weaken ice
  • Slushy snow or water on top of ice may hide cracks in it
  • Snow cover over ice may warm the ice up sufficiently to weaken it - even on a cold day
  • Wildlife may contribute to weakening of ice
  • Any objects (logs, rocks) sticking out from the ice weaken it
  • Warm weather, especially springtime, makes ice unpredictable as the ice thaws