Lake Summerside

Ice Safety

Published Tuesday, November 30, 1999





  • Please adhere the posted signs, they are for your safety 
  • No matter how thick you think the ice is, there can be weak areas that can give way at any moment, sending you through the ice.
  • Sudden drops in temperature may weaken ice
  • Slushy snow or water on top of ice may hide cracks in it
  • Snow cover over ice may warm the ice up sufficiently to weaken it - even on a cold day

    Stormwater Lakes and Ponds

    • Stormwater lakes and ponds can be warmer, more turbulent and melt ice faster than natural bodies of water
    • Constantly flowing water means water will not freeze; most stormwater lakes and ponds will not freeze through to the bottom
    • Stormwater lakes and ponds retain groundwater year round. As a result, the water underneath the surface is constantly moving, which means it does not freeze as evenly as natural bodies of water.

 Walking On Thin Ice by X-ample