Lake Summerside

Maintenance Responsibilities

In addition to maintaining Lake Summerside, facility & park, the Summerside Residents Association (SSRA) provides enhanced landscape maintenance in many areas within the community.

This includes:

  • A contract with the City of Edmonton to maintain the medians and boulevards (owned by the association not private residences) throughout the community and empty garbage cans in all parks
  • A contract with Brookfield Residential to maintain median & boulevards(owned by the association not private residences) until they are turned over to the City of Edmonton
  • Entry Features
  • Decorative Corners
  • Enhanced Snow Removal

View the map highlighting the parties responsible for the maintenance in different areas within the community.

Maintenance Map


Brookfield Residential will have a large scale cleanup this week and next week for the highlighted streets on map below.

Brookfield has communicated with the new build sites to ensure mud tracking and spreading is reduced.

Their contractor will be working in the areas with heavy construction scraping up mud to make sweeping easier when things dry.






Non-Highlighted streets are under the city of Edmonton and will be swept starting April 18 or when no snow is in the forecast 

(No schedule has been set for the City of Edmonton at this time)

(City Reference)




Architectural Guidelines

Please use links below (Estate)  (Grande Blvd) (Front Garage & Front Drive) (Single Family & Rear Detached Duplex)


Brookfield Snow Removal Map

This map indicates in (light) red the Brookfield snow removal roads and in purple  the Summerside snow removal path's.

All other roads in Lake Summerside are the City of Edmonton's responsiblity



For questions or concerns regarding any landscape maintenance or snow removal please refer to the map and contact the appropriate organization maintaining the area:

  • Summerside Residents Association – 780-497-7558 ext 3 or
  • Brookfield Residential – 780-423-1910
  • City of Edmonton – 311