Lake Summerside


Family Member Registration 
Use this form to inform Lake Summerside of all occupants in your home in order to receive a Lake Summerside Resident Association membership card.

Transferring Privileges to Renters 
This is required to allow renters the opportunity to access all of the amenities of Lake Summerside.

Outdoor Booking Guest List 
Do you have more than five guests that you would like to bring to the park? Book an outdoor booking through our Lake Summerside office and use this guest list form to  list all your guests.

Program Waiver Form 
Are you taking a recreational program? This waiver is required before participating. If registering online - waiver form is included in the check-out process.

Fishing rules & regulations Lake Summerside

Are you interested in fishing at Lake Summerside? Please read this form and give a signed copy to the office to have access to fishing in our beautiful lake!

Lawyers - Membership Fee Information Request Form (For use by Lawyers offices only)