Lake Summerside

Babysitting Directory

Welcome to the Summerside Babysitters Directory. This page is for residents who are looking for a
babysitter within the Summerside Community. 

The babysitter, guardian, and their contact information are listed below. 

These babysitters have taken the Red Cross Babysitting Course at the SSRA

Name Age Guardian(s) Phone number
Jillian H. 11 Joy H.  780-686-6840
Briann J. 12 Robert J. 780-995-5000
Yagya P. 13 Neelu H. 780-700-3972
Maya R. 12

Alicia R.

John R.

Lena R. 11 Robin R. 587-926-6119
Ava A.  11 Sarah A. 780-498-0960

The sitters below did not take the Red Cross babysitting class through the SSRA. Please verify certifications at your own discretion. 


Name Age Guardian(s) Phone number
Hannah M. 13 Carolyn M.  780-951-9537
Stella D. 11 Natashia D. 780-935-0443
Delany B 15 Jennifer B.  587-597-4661
Lexi C. 14 Kelly C. 780-235-6214
Lillian P. Adult  780-866-3511
Ashley F. Adult - 780-866-3511